Demon Snow Flex Force Pro

Demon Snow Flex-Force Pro

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In the Middle Ages knights wore chain mails into battle, but when it comes to snowboarding and skiing you get the Demon Snow Flex-Force Pro to protect you on the mountain. This Demon Snow body armor is not only cool looking, but also light and tough. Hard plastic will protect you ribs, collarbones, shoulders, elbows and back, while the body armor’s foam adds comfort. When it gets extra rowdy you can also equip your body armor with a special SAS Tech chest plate. This will give you even more protection when falling down or hitting hard obstacles. Overall the Demon Snow Flex-Force Pro body armor will offer you good protection so you can go full-on in the park and on the mountain.

  • Comfortable body armor that’s lightweight.
  • Good all-round protection for a good price.
  • Get a nicer fit when trying two sizes smaller.
Available sizesM, L, XL, XXL
MaterialLycra, mesh
Recommended useSnowboarding & Skiing
Protection areaRib, Collarbone, Shoulder, Elbow, Back
ManufacturerDemon Snow