Demon Snow Hyper X Vest D30

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The Demon Snow Hyper X Vest D30 is built to give you full flexibility when slaying the mountain and park, while keeping you save when you push your deck to its limits. This Demon Snow body armor offers full protection trough out the spine, back and shoulders without compromising on movement. The vest is equipped with puncture-resistant thermoplastic, which is placed between the foam at your spine and chest. This will provide full protection when you get a nasty fall. The body armor’s shoulder pads stiffen up once they take a slam in order to absorb the impact. The upper arm pads will protect you from hitting three branches. Overall the Demon Snow Hyper X Vest D30 offers solid all-round protection and good flexibility at a reasonable price.

  • Vest offers good protection and flexibility.
  • Comfortable reasonable priced body amor.
  • Feels extremely warm on early season days.
Available sizesS, XL
MaterialThermoplastic, Memory foam
Closure systemAdjustable straps
Recommended useSnowboarding & Skiing
Protection areaChest, Spine, Shoulders
ManufacturerDemon Snow