Fimbulvetr Rangr

Fimbulvetr Rangr Snowshoes

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Developed for the Norwegian Armed Forces, the Fimbulvetr Rangr snowshoes will allow you to hit the big mountains with maximum floatation. For the 2015/2016 winter season Fimbulvetr has upgraded the snowshoes by adding a bit more stiffness and perfected the bindings for improved adjustability. As the company’s original snowshoes the Rangr provide good float in deep powder to support heavy loads in the backcountry. The large but compact surface offers a perfect balance between strength, low weight and manoeuvrability. All in all the Fimbulvetr Rangr snowshoes are an excellent tool for making your first tracks on flat and steep snowy mountain terrain.

  • Offers good traction & manoeuvrability.
  • Provides maximum floatation in powder.
  • Built for snowy big mountain adventures.
  • Unprecedented mobility in all conditions.
  • High priced but worth checking out.
Weight4.9 lbs (pair)
Dimensions28 x 11 inch
Frame materialDuPont Hytrel thermoplastic
Crampon materialStainless steel
Surface area264 square inch
Heel risersNo
Recommended useBackcountry snowshoeing
ManufacturerFimbulvetr in Norway