Bataleon Snowboards

Founded in 2003 by Jorgen Karlson, Bataleon Snowboards has become one of the fastest growing snowboard brands in the world. That’s because not many snowboard companies have had such an impact on the industry in recent years as Bataleon. Their patented 3D base geometries (also called 3BT) is at the forefront of a snowboarding revolution.

3BT is based on the idea that when you’re snowboarding and turning your board, the torsional twist in the board’s nose and tail are fighting against you. Making it harder to turn. 3BT lifts the edges outside contact points which counteract the torsional twist. This makes the edge more efficient when turning. Overall 3BT gives you better edge hold and a more playful, forgiving ride.

All of the Bataleon Snowboards are hand-built in Austria with a focus on craftsmanship and excellent materials. The boards not only ride well but also look the part. With artistic graphics that will make any snowboarder stand out from the crowd.

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