K2 Snowboarding

The company K2 has been making skis since 1961. At that time snowboarding was in its infancy. K2 Snowboarding started in 1988 when they began making their first premium products. When the K2 Gyrator came out in 1988 most riders were still wearing mullets. The first K2 board belongs to snowboarding history and is a much sought-after collector’s item. With its bright neon color, it’s straight from the 1980’s.

K2 Snowboarding continues to push their products to the next level with the help of their international pro team. The company has never been afraid of innovation and also caused the recent rocker revival. A trend that’s getting increasingly popular on the slopes. K2 offers a wide variety of high-end boards, built to ride all-mountain, freestyle or backcountry. They also sell bindings, boots, goggles, and outerwear.

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