Ride Snowboards

Founded in late 1992, in Redmond USA, Ride Snowboards started with only four board models and a vision to create a snowboard company ‘for the people’. Built upon technical innovation, supreme quality and with a team of experienced riders. With a strong first product line, the first years became a great success.

Because they needed to catch up on the growing demand for snowboard-influenced clothing, they launched an outerwear and streetwear line. Under the brand name Cappel Clothing. This brand has evolved into more technical outerwear. Providing a combination of street fashion and snowboarding functionality. Today the collection is known as Ride Snowboards Outerwear.

Furthermore, the company also acquired Thermal Snowboards Inc., one of the most well-known snowboard manufacturers in the world. Now known as Ride Manufacturing, the facility uses state-of-the-art tools and leading-edge techniques. To design, to test and to built some of the most advanced snowboards available on the market today.

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