When searching for snowboard bindings it’s important to make sure they match your riding style, because the flex of your snowboard bindings should be appropriate to your ability level, the terrain your ride and the type of boots you are using. It would not make sense to have a stiff binding and a soft boot or vice versa.

Beginners and freestylers often prefer to use bindings with a short and flexible highback for a softer forgiving ride that allows them to easily recover when landing jumps and tricks. The more advanced riders and free riders tend to prefer bindings that have a tall and stiff highback that enables precise control at high speeds, on steep terrain, and in deep powder.

Your choice of snowboard bindings can be narrowed based on the following riding styles:

This category includes the snowboarders that like to do a little bit of everything: from daily groomed runs to riding powder or trying out some jumps in the park. The snowboard bindings that are made for this riding style usually have a medium flex for all-purpose use.

Park or freestyle
This category includes the snowboarders who like to spend the majority of their time in the terrain park. They enjoy laying down tricks and are considered park or freestyle riders. The snowboard bindings in this category generally offer a softer flex, which allows for greater room for error, easier landing and the ability to tweak grabs.

This category includes the snowboarder that likes to take on the steeper and more challenging terrain, often at high speeds. The snowboard bindings in this category have a stiffer flex, which gives the rider better response and energy transfer to the snowboard. Allowing you to go big and go fast.