Finding the right size of snowboard bindings is relatively easy because they are available in only a few different sizes. The standard and most common sizes are Small, Medium, and Large. Some manufacturers even offer Extra Small and Extra large versions of their bindings. In order to ride safely and comfortably, it’s important that your bindings fit correctly. This is the case when your snowboarding boots fit securely in your bindings. With little room on either side of your feet. And your heels and toes reach to just about the edges of your snowboard while you’re strapped in. You can refer to the sizing chart below to find the proper size for you. Remember that there is a variation between each manufacturer and that each binding may have its own unique fit.

Snowboard binding size chart

Once again, all components in your snowboard setup should complement your riding style and terrain choice.  While shopping for a new set of snowboard bindings you should also look at the different types of bindings entry systems. As well as the overall board-boot-binding compatibility.