When you’re learning to snowboard and ski or trying out new tricks, special armor can protect your chest, back and shoulders from the hard hits that come with hard riding. Even if you don’t worry about falling down and feel confident about your skills. Buying some proper body armor is definitely something you should look into. It will allow you to push your limits safely.

Good quality body armor will protect your spine and upper body and reduces the impact during falls. There are many different designs and styles available and most of them can be worn under your jacket. Body armor has an ergonomic design that will allow for maximum mobility. As an extra layer of insulation, body armor will also help you to stay warm.

AccessoriesDemon Snow Flex-Force Pro 80

In the Middle Ages knights wore chain mails into battle, but when it comes to snowboarding and skiing you get the Demon Snow Flex-Force Pro to protect you on the mountain.