When you are choosing a set of new snowboard boots, one of the first things to look at are a boot’s flex. The flex of a snowboard boot refers to the amount of support it can provide and how easily and quickly it can transfer energy and movement to your snowboard. How soft or stiff you would like your boots to be, depends on your riding style and your level of proficiency.

Boot flex and support

Snowboard boots with a soft-flex are ideal for beginning snowboarders that are looking for an easy-going boot and for dedicated park / freestyle riders who prefer lots of lateral mobility. Softer boots are more comfortable straight out of the box and will provide you with the flex needed for park tricks. A downside of the softer boots is that they transfer less weight when you’re leaning into turns and more impact transferred to your feet and legs when you’re landing from jumps or taking on rough chopped-up snow. Below you will find an example of a snowboard boot with a soft flex.

BootsBurton Rampant 2017 75

The Burton Rampant snowboard boots are favoured by park riders for their soft and forgiving flex and will work well with easy turning freestyle snowboards. The upper and lower zones of the boot flex independently which gives maximum heel hold and better response.


Snowboard boots with a medium flex are a good choice for intermediate to advanced snowboarders. Next to being quite responsive they are flexible enough for some occasional jibbing or laps through the park. Boots with a medium flex are considered great all-rounders. Below you will find an example of a snowboard boot with a medium flex.

BootsVans Implant BOA 2017 78

The Vans Implant snowboard boots are built for intermediate to advanced snowboarders who want a boot that has a killer look but also offers a comfortable and supportive fit with an agile response. Comfortable and responsive with high-tech features designed to maximise your comfort and performance.


Snowboard boots with a stiff flex are the number one choice for advanced / expert riders who like to ride big lines in the backcountry and are looking for lots of response. Although they are easier on your ankles during big landings or when you’re riding in choppy conditions, stiffer boots offer less side-to-side flex. Below you will find an example of a snowboard boot with a stiff flex.

BootsBurton Viking 2016 76

The Burton Viking snowboard boots are made for conquering new terrain and offer a responsive, durable and comfortable fit. It has a medium-stiff flex that allows for lots of control, response and support while riding. Its inner cushioning gives a smooth and comfortable feel.

Image Courtesy: The-House