Unlike your regular pair of sneakers, snowboard boots go beyond a simple set of laces. There are three main types of lacing systems currently being used by manufacturers to enable you to quickly dial in your preferred fit. The various lacing systems are the most visually obvious way in which snowboard boots differ and each system has its own pros and cons.

Traditional lacing system

Traditional lacing
For those who like to keep it old-school and the ability to accurately fine-tune the lace tension. While the traditional lacing system takes up more time and effort to tighten and adjust, it offers the best customisable fit and support. Although they can often losing during the day, many snowboarders stick with this classic system for the tailor-made fit and easy lace replacement.

+ Tightness of the fit can be customised by hand.
+ Inexpensive and fool-proof lacing system.
+ Replacement laces are easy to locate.

Difficult to tie while wearing gloves or when hands are cold.
Vulnerable to unintended loosening or breaking when cheap.

Quick-pull lacing system

Quick-pull lacing
This type of lacing system is faster than traditional lacing system, is easy to use and can be tightened while wearing gloves. Many of the quick-pull systems allow you to independently tighten the forefoot and ankle. It’s like the old-school style of laces but a bit quicker and more efficient.

+ Fast, convenient and can be used while wearing gloves.
+ Lace-pulls usually tucks away neatly for a clean look.
+ Can offer independent high-low laces for a customisable fit.

This lacing system can initially appear complex to beginners.
May lack enough pull to tighten laces as snugly as you would like.
Points, where laces attach to boots, can create pressure points.

Boa lacing system

Boa® lacing
For those of use who want to have the next level of quick and easy lacing then we would recommend trying out the Boa lacing system. By using a special knob to crank down wire laces you can adjust the tightness of your boot without removing your gloves or be picking at every individual lace. The Boa system is designed to tighten and loosen the laces evenly across your feet. Types of Boa lacing systems currently on the market:

Boa Coiler: which has a central, fast Boa fitted on the boot’s tongue.
Double Boa: fitted at the sides of the boot for upper and lower zone tightening.
Triple Boa: comes with two external for upper and lower zone tightening and a third one adjusts the liner.

+ Fast, easy and convenient lacing system.
+ Usually requires just one hand to dial in.
+ Excels at shedding grit and slop.

Upper and lower foot regions cannot be independently customised.
Points, where strands attach to boots, can create pressure points.
Snowboard boots with this system are higher priced.

Hybrid lacing systems
These lacing systems are actually a combination of two of the three earlier mentioned systems built inside one boot. Some manufacturers choose to fit traditional lacing for the liner and Boa for the exterior.

Image Courtesy: EVO