When you are searching for new snowboard boots, knowing your specific riding style often forms the best starting point. Manufacturers make boots that accommodate different ability levels and snowboarding styles.

These type of snowboard boots are generally more response and equipped with features that cater to transitioning between different terrains and snow conditions. All-mountain boots provide more support, allowing you to lay down fast turns and try bigger jumps. They are quite comfortable and with their comfort-driven technology ensure your feet remain energised after a long day of riding.

Park or freestyle
If jumping and jibbing is your cup of tea then we recommend park and freestyle boots. Manoeuvrability, feel and quick responses are vital to the freestyle experience and require boots that are generally softer all around but with support in key areas. A high-quality liner provides comfort and cushioning for hard landings and impacts, while various lacing systems allow riders to tailor the boot’s snugness or looseness.

Those of use that enjoy steep runs, deep snow, and the backcountry terrain will prefer a freeride snowboard boot that has a stiff flex to help control turns, but with a softer upper portion to pad your shins during long, hard runs. Freeride is also referred to as ‘big mountain riding’ and the rigidity of the stiffer boots help to generate edge power for laying down lines across the icy and firm snow.