Choosing the right size snowboard boots is crucial. Sizing is actually very similar to street shoe sizing except it is much more important to get right. Your feet should fit comfortably within your boots without having any pressure points that can cause poor circulation, fatigue or injuries. It is better to buy boots that in the beginning may feel a bit snug because with time they tend to loosen up and create some space. However to much space is a bad thing as it will negatively affect your heel hold.

One other thing to watch out for is heel lift. When you’re trying a toe-edge turn and your heel comes off the bottom of your boot, you will need a smaller or tighter boot. Heel lift is usually the result of an oversized boot and can cause major problems when you want to turn or land. In extreme case, such a boot can become the source of serious feet or ankle injury.

Getting the right size
As a starting point towards buying a new pair of snowboard boots, you can refer to the sizing chart placed below. However remember that all boot models vary and each one has its own fit.

Snowboard boot size chart

Table Courtesy: The-House