Whether you have years of snowboarding experience or are preparing for your first season on the mountain, a pair of boots will dictate the quality of your winter adventures. Every foot is different and a boot that works for one person won’t necessarily work for you too. It’s, therefore, important to find the right pair of boots for your feet, snowboarding style, and design preferences. Comparing various ones before purchasing will ensure happy feet all winter season long. However there is a lot of choices out there, so where to begin?

In order to help you out, our team has developed this special boots buying guide which will provide you with a basic understanding of the different boot styles, their overall construction, the lacing systems being used and how to get the right size and fit. Perhaps this information can help you narrowing down the selections. Remember snowboard boots must fit comfortably, correctly and work well with your bindings. It pays to spend a little more money and time getting the right ones.

Boots buying guide