Protect yourself against the most common snowboarding and ski injury: wrist sprains, fractures or breaks. Gloves with special wrist guards are one of the most important pieces of protection, second only to wearing a helmet. Wrist injuries can take about eight weeks to heal and may keep you off the slopes for the rest of the season. Just for a second think about what happens when you fall. Your feet are locked into your snowboard or skis and once you lose your balance you will fall.

In any case, you will instinctively reach out your arms to catch yourself. A good pair of protective gloves has built-in wrist guards to give you the best protection and support. Most of the wrist guards are made from high-density rubberised plastic and are flexible, shock reducing and ergonomically designed. Some wrist guards are sold separately, while others are integrated into the gloves. When buying hand and wrist protection separately, you need to be sure that they fit well under your gloves.

Gloves and wrist guards