Whether you are snowboarding or skiing, goggles form an important part of your winter sports wardrobe. They provide the essential protection for your eyes in conditions that can be extremely challenging and harsh. They are not just a flashy hairband or a fashion accessory to be worn on your head when you’re in the bar having an après-ski drink.

Why should you actually wear goggles? Well, the weather in the mountains can often be brutal and change rapidly. Once the sun comes out, you’re at such an elevation that the sun’s brightness is amplified increasing the damaging effect it will have on your eyes. In addition, once the weather gets cloudy or snowy you are unlikely to be able to see too much. Which means your eyes will need assistance to keep you safe when spending the day on the hill. Remember goggles provide the only good protection, not the regular sunglasses you use on holidays.

Choosing the right goggle can be quite a task. That is why we developed this goggle buying guide to provide you with information on the different goggle lens types, frames, and other important features.

Goggle buying guide