Your eyes are your guides, so protect them well and buy proper goggles. They will help to protect your eyes from bright sunlight, the wind, snow as well as tree branches you might encounter during the day. Bare in mind that the weather on the mountain can change constantly, so you will need to be prepared for any condition: bright spring sunshine, cloudy days and white-outs. Each of these conditions requires a different lens to make sure your vision remains clear.

Remember, when you’re buying your new goggles, they must have an anti-fog system to prevent moisture from being trapped inside. Also, buy additional lenses for different sunlight conditions and have one as a spare in case of breakage. Time to protect your eyes and add flair to your gear, by adding a pair of good quality goggles. Check out top brands like Oakley and Dragon. In case you also wear glasses, there are special OTG (over the glasses) goggles available.

Snowboard and ski goggles