Protecting yourself from injury while you are snowboarding or skiing is very important and a helmet is arguably the most important part of your winter gear. Even the slightest impact on the head can not only give you a big headache and put you out of action for weeks, but it can also cause lasting or permanent damage to your brain. Over the last few years wearing a helmet has become the norm for all most all snowboarders and skiers, from the beginner to the expert. Apart from reducing your chances of injury, helmets are also warmer, more comfortable and look stylish. Helmets for snowboarding and skiing are designed to work well with goggles and are certified to protect you.

The most important factor to remember if you are thinking about getting a helmet is that it might not be you that has the accident, but what about the person who falls down behind you? We at understand how crucial a helmet is and that’s why you will never see any of our team members snowboarding or skiing without one. However choosing the right snowboard or ski helmet can be quite difficult and there are a number of important things you should be looking for. This buying guide will provide you with all the information you need to ensure you’re buying the best helmet for your needs.

Helmet buying guide