Snowboard and ski helmets come with a variety of technological features that enhance safety and comfort when you’re on the mountain. Here are some of the main features available today:

A snowboard or ski helmet without proper ventilation can get very hot and sweaty and even uncomfortable to wear. Some helmets come un-vented to give a smooth and sleek look, other helmets are fitted with either fixed or adjustable vents. They allow for excess heat and moisture to escape. Each manufacturer sets up their venting systems in different ways, based on what they see as necessary.

Helmet ventilation

It is important that your helmet works well with your goggles to ensure a constant flow of air that will make sure your goggles don’t fog up when it’s warmer. Some helmets even have special channels that meet between the helmet and goggles to keep the air flowing. Remember to also avoid placing your goggles on top of your helmet as this can cause them to fog or mist up.

Photo Courtesy: EVO

Action camera
A few select snowboard and ski helmets are fitted with a built-in standardised mount for your point-of-view action camera. Most helmets will require you to stick on the appropriate mounts that come with your favourite action camera. In case you don’t want to fiddle with the camera’s mounts and accessories there are now goggles available that have a built-in HD action camera. The perfect solution for those of us who want to be more subtle with their video recording.

Helmet action camera