A helmet is essential for most sports, and snowboarding or skiing is no exception. Despite the ongoing misconceptions that wearing a helmet isn’t cool, many of the top riders are using them. Simply because a concussion or other head injuries can be season-ending and they aren’t willing to take a risk. Neither should you. There are lots of different helmets to choose from with all kinds of shapes, sizes, and prices. For those of us who want to listen to music while snowboarding or skiing, there are even helmets with built-in speakers. Some even have their own wireless connection for easy integration with your smartphone.

No matter if you are a professional snowboarder or skier or just a newbie, at one point you’re going to fall. And when you do, these falls tend to be violent. Your head is often the last thing that will hit the ground. Hard. Most other injuries will heal, but a head injury can last a lifetime. A proper snowboard or ski helmet will not only keep your head warm. It will also protect it from possible impacts. Plus most of the helmets available today look pretty cool too.

Protect yourself with a snowboard helmet from top brands like Anon, Giro, and Smith. Next time you crash hard but find your head intact and free from injury, you will be glad you made this investment. Current helmet technology has reduced the size and bulk of both snowboarding and ski helmets and has increased the airflow and comfort level for the wearer. A full helmet offers optimum warmth and protection and is the best option.

Snowboard and ski helmet