There are many different categories of ski ability levels. Although not every person will fit perfectly into each of these categories, we hope that our ski buying guide will provide you with a basic understanding of what ability level you are as a skier. It’s important to take your ski ability level into consideration when you’re searching for new gear for this season. Only when you’re completely honest with yourself you can find the right skis. Not everyone buys new ski gear each year, so it’s essential to consider buying gear that will ‘grow’ on you. Allowing you to continue using that gear even when you have become a more experienced skier and reached a higher ability level.

First time and beginner skiers
First timers are the ones that have never been on a ski before and who just started with learning the basics. For example they begin with learning how to walk with their ski boots and they will try to get familiar with how a ski feels on their feet. During training first timers will get introduced to learn basic sliding, on a flat surface or a small decline. In addition they will learn how to make turns and how to control their speed.

Beginners have already started training and are getting familiar with the sport. They are still trying to improve their basic skills and have already mastered small and large radius turns. Ski gear developed for beginners is often very forgiving and easy to use. Their aim is to give you more confidence when you’ve started skiing. On our website we have combined the first timer and beginner categories, because the ski gear used by both is often quite similar.

Intermediate skiers
Intermediate skiers have already learned how to make basic turns and how to stop. They have now begun to make more dynamic turns and are able to match the shape of their turn with the terrain they are riding on. Intermediate skiers are often exploring what type of terrain they like best and are beginners when it comes to mastering the skills needed for their preferred terrain. In general they feel comfortable on the beginner and intermediate slopes and are challenging themselves to learn more skills.

Advanced skiers
The advanced skiers feel confident skiing on any part of the mountain. They are more skilled in making turns, and have consistent edge and pressure movements Furthermore they are more aware of what the type of skier they are and they push themselves harder no matter where they are on the mountain.

Expert skiers
Expert skiers are no professionals but they are the group that gets close to being an experienced professional skier. Experts are able to make some great smooth edge to edge and transitions. They can also power out their turns with ease. Experts can ride almost anywhere on the mountain and already start to explore the mountain’s backcountry terrain. They are in complete control at all times and can ride their skis no matter where they are.

Remember: get out there as much as you can. As with all sports, practice makes perfect.
The more you ski, the better you will get and the more experience you will gain.