As mentioned earlier the generally accepted rule when looking for a new ski is that the ski height should reach between your chin and top of your head. Often referred to as ski sizing by height. We made a simple sizing table to help you find the right ski size based on your height. Use it as a starting reference, since there are several other factors to consider as well. If you buy a longer ski than recommended, you will probably reach a high speed but you will also need to build up some muscle to handle it. If you buy a ski that is shorter than recommended, there is a chance you will feel like you’re overpowering the ski.

Remember that the different ski manufacturers don’t always measure length in the same way. They might use different methods for ski sizing by height. It’s, therefore, possible that ski sizes may vary between brands. For example, skis can be slightly longer or shorter than the same size used by another brand.

Last but not least. Depending on which models of skis you are looking at purchasing the right one may not always come out exactly as the sizing tables and charts may determine. But it is ok to be off by a few centimetres.

Ski sizing by height