We hope that our ski sizing guide will help you start with what to look for in a ski that fits your physical specifications and preferences. When searching for the right pair of skis there is no exact saying of knowing the perfect size for every skier. There is no magic formula, but there are factors that can form an excellent starting point. For instance, your own height and weight will play an important role in finding out which skis suits you best. Lighter skiers will prefer a ski that is on the shorter side for its easy manoeuvrability, while heavier skiers will prefer a longer ski for its stability and better floatation in powder.

Your ability level and the type of terrain you prefer to ski on are also worth considering. Skis will perform differently at varying sizes and in different circumstances. A general rule of thumb is to pick a ski length that is between your chin and the top of your hear. Advanced and expert skiers sometimes choose a ski that is slightly longer than their height. In the next page of our ski sizing guide, we will discuss how to choose the ski size by using your height.

Ski sizing guide