As a beginner or intermediate snowboarder we suggest taking lessons on the mountain because even if you are an advanced or expert rider, you can still continue to learn from a good instructor.

You’re a beginner if you’re still learning how to turn. In general, you are new to the sport of snowboarding and during this stage most beginners will work on the fundamentals like for instance making heelside turns, toe side turns and stopping in purpose. Maybe you already know what kind of riding style you want to learn or you just want to check and try out everything to see what suits you best. The beginning freestyle riders have mastered the above and some start to experience the smaller parks. Remember as a beginner you should really look for a snowboard that fits well with your size and weight range. Most beginners just want a board with a cool brand name and nice graphic, but on the right board, you will learn quicker. Check out our beginner snowboards.

An intermediate snowboarder has already gone through a couple of winter seasons and is often ready for more. They start to ride on steeper runs after mastering most of the beginner and intermediate runs. An intermediate will skid their turns a lot which means that when they look back at their tracks they don’t see a thin line going all the way down the run. They also work on being able to skilfully ride every run on the mountain, to ride in powder, to switch or to make small jumps in parks. In general, most intermediate riders are trying to get better and to discover which type of riding style they like the most. Once you have found a snowboard that fits your intermediate skills, be prepared to progress because having the right board when you’re at this level can make a huge difference in becoming more advanced. Have a look at our snowboards for intermediate riders.

An advanced snowboarder knows well what type of rider they are and are focussed on developing that particular style. They are getting grips in how to make good turns anywhere on the mountain and they are having fun in powder conditions without getting stuck in the middle of a run. The more advanced freestylers will be riding switch, understand how to ollie, butter and press. They can also get up and down the pipe wall and land well on most small to medium jumps. Advanced freestylers just want to learn how to go bigger everywhere and how to perform new tricks. They know the drill, are seasoned and have a bag full of tricks. Years of experience and having mastered their preferred riding style allows them to easily pick out gear that works best. Maybe we have the right advanced snowboard for you.

The expert snowboarders are no pros but they do understand the mechanics of every move within their specific style of riding. For example, the expert riders are able to make razor thin turns, are in complete control of their boards and are competent in any part of the mountain. Expert freestylers will ride switch whenever and wherever it suits them and has an arsenal of tricks and jumps. Overall the experts have seen it all and can do almost anything in the riding style they choose. We have added a few expert snowboards for you to look at.