When people think of choosing a snowboard size, their height is probably the first measurement that comes to mind. However, it might not be the best snowboard sizing method when used on its own. But riders all around the world have been determining their snowboard size by their height since the beginnings of snowboarding and will probably do so for many years to come. Often called snowboard sizing by height. To provide you with some clearance we will discuss one of the most common sizing option based on height.

You have probably noticed that some of your fellow riders prefer to use some sort of calculation to find out their snowboard size. According to the editors at The-House.com most riders use a board that is between 85 and 92 percent of their own body weight. When putting this data into a simple formula you might get the board size that fits your specs best. For example: Your Height (in inches) X 2.54 X 0.86 = Your Recommended Board Size. Remember you don’t need to stick with the number that comes out of the formula. To some, it may be an absolute answer because its math, but you should really look at it as a starting point when looking for a new board.