One of the important factors in determining your snowboards size is your own weight. Often called snowboard sizing by weight. A board that works well with your body weight will allow you to ride well. Plus you don’t need to worry about losing control. For example: when a heavier riders choose a snowboard that is too short, he will get a loose feel and well not be able to control his snowboard correctly when riding at high speed. In worst case shorter and softer snowboards can also cause over-flexing and wipe-outs. Lighter riders who take on a much larger snowboard will have more trouble manoeuvring their board.

An exception to the weight rule is when freestyle riders choose to go for a much smaller snowboard than their usual setup. That’s because when doing tricks and jumps in the park they normally prefer a board that handles and feels like a skateboard. For those riders that prefer to stay in powder, a slightly longer snowboard will add stability and allow you to float better in these conditions.

Check out the table below and see which snowboard size fits your weight best. Our advice would be to also look at the specifications provided by snowboard manufacturers. Every snowboard on the market is designed and built to perform a certain functions / riding style. Each model and size can vary a lot.