Over the years, snowboarders have come up with many different ways to find the snowboard size they find correct for them. Some may use a more traditional method by standing a board up on its end and measuring the size to their chin, while others may prefer to use snowboard sizing calculations. These may provide more accuracy but don’t always cover all the important factors that may occur when you buy your new snowboard.

We hope that our snowboard sizing guide will help you start with what to look for in a snowboard that fits your specifications best. Use it as a guideline because we all have our own expectations and preferences when buying new gear. If the company of your preferred brand and snowboard has its own sizing information then its always good to follow that.

There are two simple ways how to choose the right snowboard for your physical specifications: by your weight and / or by your height. In the next two pages of our snowboard sizing guide, we will address both methods.

Snowboard sizing guide