Padded shorts
Your tailbone will thank you. Padded shorts have become a popular protective gear for snowboarders and skiers, right behind your helmet, goggles, gloves and body armor. That’s because tailbone injuries are common and hurt a lot. A good pair padded shorts will give you maximum hip and tailbone protection.

In case you encounter a heel-side edge and fall down backward, the padded shorts will provide protection between your tailbone and the snow obstacle. Additional foam padding will protect your hip when you will fall down in the park. The padded shorts layers will also keep you warm while the double-stitching provides maximum durability.

Knee and elbow pads
Protect your knees and elbows while you’re hanging out on the mountain or doing tricks in the park. Falling on snow doesn’t promise a soft landing because packed snow can simply turn into ice and snow can also cover rocks and tree logs. There are two things you need to know about knee and elbow injuries: they hurt a lot and can take weeks to heal.

Knee pads are designed to fit under your pants, while elbow pads will fit nicely underneath your jacket. Nobody will actually notice that you’re wearing them, but the pads will protect your knees and elbows from injuries or reduce the severity of an injury.