Editors Choice for Women - January 2016A new year has arrived and so has our Editors Choice for Women – January 2016. After our edition for guys, it’s time to treat the ladies with inspiration to fill up their walk-in closet. From one of the most popular women snowboards to a really good looking winter goggle, we have selected some nice products for you to choose from. Be quick and surprise your friends with a great new set-up for this season. Check out our full reviews for more information on individual products.

SnowboardsBurton Talent Scout 2017 80

The snowboard was launched last season and quickly became a popular choice for freestyle riders. Whether you’re in the park or adventures across the mountain, this board loves tricks. It rides controllable, allows for some snappy turns and has a nice feeling underfoot.

BindingsBurton Lexa 2017 75

These bindings have been around for several years and still remain one of the most popular snowboard binding available today. Because of its versatility, it appeals to lots of different riders and handles different riding styles. It may have a stiff flex but rides smoothly.

BootsBurton Coco 2017 83

If you’re looking for a snowboard boot that’s easy on your wallet and helps you progressing your snowboarding skills, then this season’s Burton Coco might be the one for you. With its soft flex these boots allow for forgiving turns. They also fit comfortably and secure.

AccessoriesPOC Fornix 86

This may be one pricey helmet but its worth every penny. Although it’s lightweight the helmet’s strong construction provides a high level of protection. The easy adjustment system allows you to tune in a comfortable and safe fit, while the proper ventilation keeps you cool.

AccessoriesAnon WM1 85

This good looking goggle combines a lightweight sturdy frame with the right amount of flexibility for an optimal goggle-to-face fit. The magnetic lens changing system allows for quick and easy lens changing while the anti-fog treatment ensures a clear vision.

Product Price
SnowboardsBurton Talent Scout 2017$499.95
BindingsBurton Lexa 2017$279.95
BootsBurton Coco 2017$149.95
AccessoriesPOC Fornix$164.95
AccessoriesAnon WM1$109.95
 Total price Editors Choice for Women – January 2016$0


Other cool stuff to expand your collection:

GadgetsPolaroid Cube 75

It may not be as tough and high-end as the famous GoPro cameras but for just $99 the Polaroid, Cube is well-built, easy to use action camera that offers a fun way of capturing your winter adventures with friends. It’s signature Kodak design makes it stand out too.

GadgetsTile Bluetooth Tracker 90

 Ever lost your purse or favourite bag? Or having trouble finding your car keys each morning? Then this Bluetooth tracker is a definitely a smart buy. Tile offers an easy and intuitive way to find your misplaced or lost items by using an app on your smartphone.

They are not that expensive and well worth adding to your ultimate winter set-up. 

Product Price
GadgetsPolaroid Cube$99
GadgetsTile Bluetooth Tracker$25
 Total price Editors Choice options for Women – January 2016$124