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Special shout out to fellow snowboarders and skiers: Antix is looking for cool brand ambassadors for their new Antix Collective. Are you a resort local or planning a winter sport holiday? Join to spread the word and earn some cool rewards.

While visiting the Ski & Snowboard Show in London we came across the Antix App, an innovative new way of editing and sharing your action sports footage. With all the new action cameras on the market today, recording your epic snowboard or ski moments has become really simple. Just click on a camera and off you go. However the longer you ride, the more unedited footage you collect.

That’s where the Antix App comes into play. Their team has come up with some intelligent technology that uses your phone’s multiple sensors to track motion during your action sports sessions. How does it work? A smart algorithm determines when something exciting has happened, which is then located in the video footage to produce a Vine-like highlight that is added directly to your profile.

Pressing the record button simultaneously starts the motion tracking and video recording. The Antix app controls your actions camera (for example GoPro) wirelessly for a flawless experience. Uploading your fresh footage is simple: use your phone’s microSD card, transfer it wirelessly straight from your camera or use the upload section on the Antix web platform.

Start with sharing and showing your tricks and mountain adventures to your friends. Antix is available to download for free in the App Store and Google Play.

  • New way of editing & sharing footage.
  • Instantly share through social media.
  • Control your GoPro camera via WiFi.
  • Nice clean design & easy to use app.
  • Compatibility with other cameras planned.
 Designed byAntix
 Operating systemiOS 7.0 and later / Android 4.0 and up
 CompatibilityGoPro Hero3, Hero3+, Hero4, Hero+ LCD, Hero4


 Designed byAntix
 Operating systemiOS 7.0 and later / Android 4.0 and up
 CompatibilityGoPro Hero3, Hero3+, Hero4, Hero+ LCD, Hero4