Blizzard Brahma

Blizzard Brahma 2016

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The Blizzard Brahma is an all-mountain frontside ski that has returned for this season with new graphics and has the same construction as last year. Blizzard mentioned that nothing needed changing. The Brahma is essentially ahead of its class. Its versatile, offers precision during carved turns and has a smooth dampness underfoot. It will pick up speed easily and can be quite powerful when in short to medium radius turns. That will also require you to be focussed, because the Brahma can be a little less forgiving. This ski is fitted with a rocker at the tip and tail plus camber in the middle. This makes it easier to handle while also providing better floatation. Experienced skiers who enjoy riding steep groomers, the Blizzard Brahma is your match.

  • Stiff ski but manoeuvrable and quick.
  • Offers you a stable and sturdy ride.
  • Confidence booster at high speed.
  • Stiffness means less loose surfy feel.
  • Loses a bit of edge hold on icy snow.

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Ski weightNormal
Ski styleAll-Mountain Frontside
Ability levelIntermediate - Expert
Available sizes166 | 173 | 180
Ski widthRegular
Ski shapeDirectional
Ski camberRocker/Camber/Rocker
ManufacturerBlizzard | Austria