Kastle FX 95 HP

Kastle FX 95 HP 2016

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The Kastle FX 95 HP is a true all-mountain ski that you can use nearly every day of the season. Although Kastle made some changes for 2016, overall it still has the same design. The tail finish is the same, as well as the turns shape. However the ski is now slightly longer, which will allow you to float better on softer snow. The guys at Kastle also adjusted the camber profile and added weight-reducing materials. This enables a solid feel when your riding fast en charging to rough powder. What hasn’t changed is that classic Kastle feel on the snow: damp and powerful, but not demanding. Even when conditions are less than ideal, this ski holds up pretty nice. It remained stable and forgiving. The Kastle FX 95 HP is built for the experienced skier that also likes to poke around off-piste.

  • Improved turn initiation and floatation.
  • Offers stability, power, and dampness.
  • Able to handle a variety of conditions.
  • This ski’s length could be an issue.
  • Good stability makes it less playful.

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Ski weightNormal
Ski styleAll-Mountain
Ability levelAdvanced - Expert
Available sizes165 | 173 | 181 | 189
Ski widthRegular
Ski shapeDirectional
Ski camberRocker/Camber
ManufacturerKästle Skis | Austria