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Liberty Sequence 2016

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The Liberty Sequence is an approachable all-mountain ski that is well capable to ride groomers while still offers the variety to also go off piste. Furthermore it’s forgiving and easy to turn, handles solid and has a good amount of power. Its the perfect ski for progressive skiers looking for versatility and playfulness. Liberty fitted the Sequence with bamboo laminates and a strong poplar core. This gives the ski a lighter weight without compromising on its strength. Overall the Liberty Sequence is a fun and dependable ski, perfect for all your snow adventures. With all-mountain skis, versatility is the name of the game, and the 2016 Liberty Sequence will give you just that!

  • A light weight, durable and lively ski.
  • Versatile enough to tackle variable conditions.
  • A little unstable on bumpy terrain.
  • Can be a bit to soft for hard chargers.

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Ski weightLight
Ski styleAll-Mountain
Ability levelIntermediate - Advanced
Available sizes168 | 175 | 182
Ski widthRegular
Ski shapeDirectional Twin
Ski camberRocker/Camber