Liberty Variant 97 2016

Liberty Variant 97 2016

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This seasons Liberty Variant 97 provides advantages in every terrain setting. As a versatile all-mountain carver, this Liberty ski is great for riding groomers while still performing well on the rougher terrain. This ski will be happy to carve up any terrain and will tackle any condition you can throw at it. Nordica’s Hammer Rocker profile will provide you with responsive turning and superior flotation, while Its bamboo and poplar core will offer good rebound and energy at speed. The Liberty Variant 97 handles like a sports car: blending good performance with a smooth and comfortable ride. It’s a worthy partner anywhere on or off groomed terrain!

  • Offers a predictable and smooth ride.
  • Quite responsive even on slow speeds.
  • Lively due to its bamboo and poplar core.
  • Not necessarily equipped for deep snow.
  • Better suited for riding silky groomers.

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Ski weightNormal
Ski styleAll-Mountain
Ability levelIntermediate - Advanced
Available sizes172 | 179 | 186
Ski widthRegular
Ski shapeDirection
Ski camberRocker/Camber