Arbor Coda Rocker 2017

“Award-winning and a clean tracking snowboard build for freeriders!”

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If you know where to find the powder, if you are confident on the steeper slopes and if you don’t back down from jumps, then the 2017 Arbor Coda Rocker snowboard might be the one for you. Designed for the more seasoned free-rider who knows every inch of their local resort, this board has no limits. From carving down groomers to surfing the backcountry this board can take it thanks to its versatile design. The team at Arbor gave this snowboard a Directional Twin shape and a Continuous Rocker profile.

Compared to the older rocker designs this board uses a special arc that gets mellower towards the board’s tips. This results in a continuous edge contact when you are making your turns and when you are riding at high speed. Furthermore, the board’s rocker design maximizes this board’s performance on powder. Helping you to stay afloat in even the deepest snow. The extra contact points will improve this board’s edge hold on less ideal conditions. On snow, this board offers a semi-stable feel. Because of its medium-soft flexing bamboo core, this board offers a unique and very distinct ride. The change to the nose, however, is pretty significant. This board went from a traditional round nose in 2013 to a shovel-sized nose two years ago.

Which offers better float in deep snow. It’s a great powder board for those who like to freestyle or go for a surfy kind of ride. Turning goes quick and feels loose from edge to edge. However, it’s not a true carver. Although it grips nicely we just missed a bit more tip/tail to get that typical spring out of a turn. This board picks up a decent amount of speed but misses that stable locked-in feel other boards offer. On uneven terrain, however, this board allows you to easily navigate through bumps. When it comes to jumping, this board comes to life. It just pops and pops. Ideal for taking on natural backcountry features. Overall, the 2017 Arbor Coda Rocker snowboard offers a playful ride. Great for those who of us turn their local mountain into a park whether it’s in deep powder or on harder snow.



  • Designed for the freestyle freeriders.
  • Handles both powder and hard snow.
  • Has an aesthetically-pleasing design.
  • Offers a playful and semi-stable ride.
  • Misses more ‘spring’ out of a turn.
  • Lively board but also less forgiving.

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ManufacturerArbor Collective
Available sizes154 | 156 | 157MW | 158 | 160 | 161MW | 162
Riding styleAll-Mountain, Backcountry
Ability levelIntermediate - Advanced
Board shapeDirectional Twin
Board camberContinuous Rocker
Board widthRegular, Mid-Wide
Board stanceCentered
Board flexMedium
Board weightNormal
Mounting system2 x 4 Insert Pattern
Warranty3 years