Arbor Swoon Camber 2017

Arbor Swoon Camber 2017

“For a super stable and responsive ride on the whole mountain!”

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Intermediate to advanced riders who are looking for unparalleled performance at speed. Through a wide variety of snow conditions. Check out the 2017 Arbor Swoon Camber snowboard. Built on Arbor’s refined Camber System foundation, this board offers improved edge control and a more responsive pop. Allowing you to progress from a resort queen to an all-mountain warrior. When comparing to the Arbor Swoon Rocker this is a much more aggressive snowboard.

This board’s design features a Directional Twin shape with a Mostly Camber profile. Which provides a super stable and responsive ride on the whole mountain. The Arbor Camber System has a parabolic arch. Which dissipates in intensity towards the tip and tail contact points. In combination with the 3-degree lifted contacts, you will get the powerful snap, strong edge-hold, and stability of Traditional Camber. But without the aggressive bite that can make you pay for any mistake on edge. On snow, this board feels more stiff than playful. And will, therefore, be most appreciated by experienced riders who want to progress their skills. This board offers a stable ride that gives confidence when riding fast on groomers. It handles variable terrain ok but definitely feels more at home on steep wide-open terrain.

However, on lower angle terrain it sometimes felt like a tank with some looseness in the tail. The board’s edge hold is pretty good, making it easy to turn.  The extra centimeter in the nose gives extra lift in fresh snow allowing it to float nicely. Because this board is more about big-mountain riding than being park-friendly it doesn’t have much pop. However, it’s still playful enough to do your tricks on the mountain. Overall, the 2017 Arbor Swoon Camber snowboard offers a stable and well-balanced ride with a surfy-smooth feel. Because of its aggressive nature, you will need experience to fully use this snowboard’s potential.



  • Powerful and responsive snowboard.
  • Remains controllable at high speeds.
  • Edge hold and snap without the bite.
  • A smooth flex that doesn't get soggy.
  • Can become unpredictable at times.
  • Offers less float than other boards.

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ManufacturerArbor Collective
Available sizes143 | 147 | 151 | 155
Riding styleAll-Mountain, Backcountry
Ability levelIntermediate - Advanced
Board shapeDirectional Twin
Board camberMostly Camber
Board widthRegular
Board stanceCentered
Board flexMedium
Board weightNormal
Mounting system2 x 4 Insert Pattern
Warranty3 years