Arbor Swoon Rocker 2017

Arbor Swoon Rocker 2017

“For the ladies who don’t let boundaries limit their snowboarding!”

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For the ladies that like to shred up the mountain, the 2017 Arbor Swoon Rocker snowboard will give you the responsiveness and stability you will need to handle the hardback and float on the soft stuff. This Arbor snowboard is an agile yet smooth all-mountain deck that goes from park and groomers to powder without missing a beat. The Swoon now comes in this rockered version. In addition to the classic Arbor Swoon Camber model, we tested out earlier.

This board’s design features a Directional Twin shape combined with a Continuous Rocker profile. This set-up enables a more surfy ride with lots of versatility at speed. The special Arbor System Rocker uses several elements to provide a true rocker performance. While keeping an incredible amount of edge hold and pop. This board features a parabolic arc that is more rockered between the bindings. And less rockered at the tip and tail. This offers float in powder, a catch-free feeling on packed snow while making turning easy and fluid. The fiberglass lay-up gives a responsive feel for precision and control.

On snow, this board doesn’t have that ultra-loose feeling that many boards with a Continuous Rocker profile have. While riding you can definitely feel that rocker underfoot. This board floats really well, even in some of the thickest snow we encountered. It’s a great board for ladies who like to ride switch a lot on powder. Turning is easy as this board goes quickly from edge to edge. We had lots of fun making medium wide turns and shorter fast turns. Although this board picks up speed nicely, it can get quite bouncy and chattery on less smooth sections.

Its edge hold is pretty impressive as it seems to hold really well in most conditions. Combined with its nimble character this board is super easy to maneuver. Because this board is so springy and forgiving it’s very fun to take a freestyle approach to the mountain. Overall, the 2017 Arbor Swoon Rocker snowboard is more of an all-mountain freestyler than a general all-mountain ride. Although it can use more speed it’s a fun board for the ladies that like to jump around the mountain.



  • Built for women who surf mountains.
  • Offers a responsive and stable ride.
  • Maximum edge control on hardpack.
  • Will give you big-mountain versatility.
  • Its quite a heavy and stiff snowboard.

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ManufacturerArbor Collective
Available sizes144 | 148 | 152 | 156
Riding styleAll-Mountain, Backcountry
Ability levelIntermediate - Advanced
Board shapeDirectional Twin
Board camberContinuous Rocker
Board widthRegular
Board stanceCentered
Board flexMedium
Board weightNormal
Mounting system2 x 4 Insert Pattern
Warranty3 years