Arbor Westmark Rocker 2017

"Build for the freestyle park rider who also enjoys the whole mountain!”

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If you are looking for a loose ride that presses well but doesn’t blow it on the big jumps, then get the 2017 Arbor Westmark Rocker snowboard. With its buttery feel, this board will let you spin, pop and press to your heart’s delight. Its design features a True Twin shape combined with a Mostly Rocker profile. The team at Arbor fitted their well-known System Rocker technology, which has a parabolic rocker that runs along the board’s length for a loose personality and lively ride.

Because this parabolic rocker is more pronounced at the center, becoming mellower towards the tip and tail, it significantly loosens up how this board rides. It also prevents you from unexpectedly catching an edge on the harder snow sections. Because of its uplifted profile, this board will also float easier on fresh powder snow. Considering this board has a medium-soft flex, it rides surprisingly confident for cruising on groomers and popping off jumps. On snow, this board feels loose and lively. It’s very easy to turn and pops well between the feet. Some might think the blunted tip and tail will give this board an awkward feel. But in fact, this board rides similar to previous versions we tested.

This board may have a loose personality when it comes to turning it feels a bit slow from edge to edge. Especially when you consider its overall smaller board size. Carving is not that adventurous as we miss a rewarding spring out of the turn that other boards offer. However, at high speed, this board surprised us with a proper glide that rides faster than one might first think. On uneven terrain, you definitely feel the bumps but luckily you can navigate around them easily. Overall, the 2017 Arbor Westmark Rocker snowboard offers fun and lively ride that can hang all season long.



  • Will satisfy a freestyle rider’s appetite.
  • Offers a loose and lively on-snow feel.
  • Balanced on take-off and on landing.
  • Likes to cruise around on good snow.
  • Less stable on harder icy conditions.
  • Misses that springy feel when carving.

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ManufacturerArbor Collective
Available sizes149 | 152 | 154MW | 155 | 157MW | 158
Riding styleFreestyle
Ability levelIntermediate - Advanced
Board shapeTrue Twin
Board camberMostly Rocker
Board widthRegular, Mid-Wide
Board stanceCentered
Board flexMedium
Board weightNormal
Mounting system2 x 4 Insert Pattern
Warranty3 years