Burton Antler 2017

Burton Antler 2017

“A premium all-terrain board for riders who seek exotic performance!”

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Quick from edge to edge, snappy and lightweight. The 2017 Burton Antler snowboard is a playful one that can hold its ground in a variety of snow conditions and all-mountain freestyle. Lighter, faster, and more versatile than the Burton Trick Pony this snowboard floats freely. While hitting jumps and slashing powder equally well. For those who prefer a more serious board then try the Burton Custom X.

Compared to last 2016 season the designers at Burton took an 180 degrees turn. This board now features camber instead of the rocker under feet. This results in a more precise and stable ride. While the special carbon highlight decreases the board’s weight, the Squeezebox High core profile creates a much softer, more playful and snappy ride. These strategically placed stiffer and flexible zones help with energy transfer and provide super ollie power. Combined with this year’s switch to camber this setup results in a snowboard that’s both powerful and lively in all mountain conditions.

On snow, we noticed this board is built for the advanced riders with more technical experience. It may not be as catchy as other camber boards but you still need to be in good form. However, this board stays nicely stable at high speed without the somewhat loose feel the old rocker version gave. Turning is quite fun and similar in performance to the Burton Flight Attendant.

On hard packed snow, this board tends to slide but overall the edge hold is pretty good. For jumping around the park it gives lots of pop. Although it has less float on powder compared last year, the new camber focussed setup really changed this snowboard turning into a more pleasant ride. In particular for freestylers.

Nimble, flexible, and highly capable the 2017 Burton Blunt snowboard offers the stealth side of ultra light all-terrain performance. Fuelled by the power of camber this snowboard is the right choice for those of us who are searching for exotic performance in a more relaxed package.



  • Rides all-mountain effortlessly.
  • Quick, snappy, lightweight board.
  • Responsive, but not too aggressive.
  • Offers a more precise and stable ride.
  • Built for jumps and slashing powder.
  • For the advanced technical rider.
  • Could use a little more extra grip.

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ManufacturerBurton Snowboards
Available sizes151.5 | 154.5 | 157.5
Riding styleAll-Mountain, Freestyle
Ability levelExpert
Board shapeDirectional Twin
Board camberTraditional Camber
Board widthRegular
Board stanceCentered
Board flexMedium - Stiff
Board weightLight
Mounting systemBurton The Channel
Warranty3 years