Burton Fish Modified 2017

Burton Modified Fish 2017

“A solid powder board and a necessity for true snow shredders!”

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Effortless float with smooth-turning agility, the 2017 Burton Modified Fish is built for finding lines on the trail map or powder in the woods. This modified take on the previous iconic Burton Fish shortboard offers a loose and surfy feel but with a more centered stance. This setup makes this board a friendly alternative for those of use who are seeking soft turns. With its Directional shape, flat base, and large rockered nose this board allows you to literally glide trough the deepest conditions.

Compared to last season’s version a few things have changed. Most noticeably are the board’s overall shape as it no longer has the fish tale and sharp nose. Its waist is also a little narrower which makes it friendlier for people with normal sized feet. This board remains quite technical but the changes do make it much more easy to ride. We noticed that the larger nose gives it a stable catch-free feel and it planes well above the snow. It’s a cruiser build for powder but it also doesn’t shy away from groomers. Compared to the Landlord this board turns a bit slower. But you will still be able to weave through trees.

Compared to the Barracuda this board’s tail felt less responsive. And it could do with a bit more snap for shorter and quicker turns. On faster tracks remained stable with an occasional bouncy feeling on uneven terrain. Designed for powder this board misses edge hold to ride well on harder snow. You’re better off avoiding icy spots and enjoy its full offering on powder. Overall, the 2017 Burton Modified Fish offers an easy and surfy ride that empowers you to explore the depths of the mountain resort with dominance. Considering it’s available at a reasonable price, this is a good buy for powder riders.



  • It offers a loose and surfy feel.
  • Effortless floats, smooth turning.
  • Takes on the roughest conditions.
  • Can also handle groomed slopes.
  • The board’s tail felt less responsive.
  • Get's bumpy on an uneven surface.

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ManufacturerBurton Snowboards
Available sizes151 | 156 | 161 
Riding styleBackcountry, Freeride, Powder
Ability levelIntermediate - Expert
Board shapeTapered Directional
Board camberFlat to Rocker
Board widthMid-Wide
Board stanceSetback over 20mm
Board flexMedium
Board weightNormal
Mounting systemBurton The Channel
Warranty3 years