Burton Landlord 2017

Burton Landlord 2017

“Most landlords tend to squash the fun, this one stokes the party!”

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Twin balance meets directional expertise in a board that floats and flies like a dream. The 2017 Burton Landlord snowboard revives that precise surfy feel that freeride chargers have been asking for. This board combines effortless float with a great amount of underfoot stability and power. This allows you to tackle the steep and deep slopes with ease and go full speed down groomers without a super loose feel.

The secret to this board versatile freeride handling is the so-called Balanced Freeride Geometry. This design combines a setback camber with sidecuts that are centred on your stance. Which creates a twin freestyle feel when you’re riding flat base. Because the camber remains underfoot you are able to keep control on steep terrain and fast runs. Meanwhile, the board’s large rockered nose adds stability and makes it float nicely on powder. New for this season is that Burton’s design team upgraded this board with their Dragonfly core, which reduces weight while also adding strength.

By discontinuing last season’s Burton Barracuda, the Landlord has become much more attractive for the freeride snowboarders who like to surf on powder. Apart from some minor changes, this board has stayed relatively the same over the last three years. On snow, this board rides stable between the feet but you need to be a bit more on your game than the old Barracuda. When on powder you will feel that the combination of the setback stance, tapered tail, and wide nose makes it very easy to float. Furthermore, this board’s dynamic character enables you to turn quickly. Whether you are doing small to medium turns this board springs nicely from edge to edge. It picks up speed really well without the occasional chatter.

Most Burton boards are able to handle uneven terrain and this one is no exception. It remains stable in the bumpiest snow patches. When it comes to jumping this board favours natural features instead of trying tricks in the park. It has some pop to it but it’s not a freestyler. Overall, this board offers a well-balanced groomer and powder ride that we really liked. Ultimately, where the 2017 Burton Landlord snowboard differs from the majority of surfy, pow-orientated rides lies within its ability to carve groomers and hardpack like a less-tapered, more twin-shaped ride. If you want a surfy powder ride over the Burton Flight Attendant then this is your match.



  • Offers a surprising and unique ride.
  • Freeride board that handles powder.
  • Extremely durable and incredibly fast.
  • You won’t bog down in deep snow.
  • Need experience to turn this board.
  • Not the board if you like to butter.

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ManufacturerBurton Snowboards
Available sizes154 | 159 | 163
Riding styleBackcountry
Ability levelExpert
Board shapeTapered Directional
Board camberMostly Camber
Board widthRegular
Board stanceSetback over 20mm
Board flexMedium
Board weightNormal
Mounting systemBurton The Channel
Warranty3 years