Burton Lip-Stick 2017

“Put a creative spin on all-terrain with this playful board!”

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Build for the ladies who take their freestyle skills to the upper echelon of the mountain. The award-winning 2017 Burton Lip-Stick snowboard simply charges ahead and inspires confidence. While more playful than the Burton Feelgood it’s a step up in performance over the Burton Socialite. This board’s smart True Twin shape makes it fun to ride switch, while the sintered base keeps it strong, fast and less dependent on wax sessions. It’s medium flex and symmetrical design enable a reliable freestyle-oriented ride.

This board features Burton’s so-called Flat Top profile. Which means that it has a flat camber running along the board’s length, which transitions into an early-rise at the tips. This combination not only provides stability and balance but also adds playfulness. The Flat Top setup is more stable at speed than Burton’s Flying V technology. This difference allows you to take on the mountain in a variety of conditions. The rise at the board’s tip and tail also ensure a floaty sensation on deep powder. On snow, this board feels stable but it doesn’t have that full-on stability other flat-to-rocker boards have. Its a very forgiving board that rides nicely on powder and makes turning fun. However, on hard icy snow, we noticed it could use more edge hold and this board can get chattery when you go beyond medium speeds.

Overall, the 2017 Burton Lip-Stick snowboard offers the forgiving freedom and stability that can transform your multi-board quiver into a one-hit wonder. Turn the whole mountain into your personal terrain park, and ride with confidence. This board is a good choice for the beginning snowboarder. Who is looking for a new deck that can help them with further improving their riding skills.



  • Playful persona that likes to freestyle.
  • Slightly set-back for better floatation.
  • Catch-free and stable at speeds.
  • Reduced weight, increased pop.
  • It could use a bit more edge hold.
  • Turns easy but not a true carver.

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ManufacturerBurton Snowboards
Available sizes141 | 145 | 149 | 152
Riding styleAll-Mountain
Ability levelIntermediate - Expert
Board shapeTrue Twin
Board camberFlat to Rocker
Board widthRegular
Board stanceCentered
Board flexMedium
Board weightNormal
Mounting systemBurton The Channel
Warranty3 years