Burton Name Dropper 2017

Burton Name Dropper 2017

“A park-oriented powerhouse that will elevate your game!”

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Release the fury of this park-oriented master, and people will be dropping your name in no time. So make sure you have te 2017 Burton Name Dropper snowboard strapped to your feet. This board is a true jibber with a lot of innovative tech and a thin core that has its own unique character. Other than a few minor updates this board hasn’t changed much over the last couple two years.

With its Asymmetrical Off-Axis design, this snowboard is tuned for domination on jibs and jumps. Off-Axis means that all of the board’s key ingredients, from the edges to the soft-flexing core profile, match the angles of your stance. This enhances your grip and enables smoother takeoffs and landings. The board’s Flat Top combines underfoot stability with the forgiving feel of rocker at a board’s tip and tail. Add to this the effortlessly flexing core and you will get a soft, buttery and jibby feel.

Because of the different heel and toe-side turning dynamics, asymmetric snowboards have become increasingly popular amongst freestyle riders. Especially those who prefer a quick-turning board that’s effortless in the park. This board is known to work harmoniously with your body for enhanced control when you’re spinning onto rails and manoeuvring between hits.

What surprised us most with this particular board is that it has an incredibly thin core. It even requires additional padding near the inserts to properly fit the bindings. When we first saw the Burton Name Dropper in our local shop we knew we had to bring this board to the mountain and try it out. On snow, this board feels similar to many of the Burton Flat to Rocker boards. It’s easy to ride and feels quite stable between the feet.

This board is not for riders who enjoy making springy turns but overall it’s very playful and easy to butter. Because of the board’s narrow waist, blunted nose and rocker in the tip and tail it rides nicely on deep powder. Although it’s quick from edge-to-edge it misses a good amount of spring that other jib / park boards have. Carving is not it’s favourite past time and you’re better of buttering. At high speed and uneven terrain, we noticed a fair amount of chatter. This is probably caused by this board’s thin core.

Luckily the padding in the binding area absorbed most vibrations. This board feels more at home on groomers and in the park than on the mountain. The edge hold is not top of the line but it handled the harder areas we encountered. All in all the 2017 Burton Name Dropper is a nice snowboard for those who like to play around in the jib park or hit a small to medium sized kicker.



  • A board with stability and durability.
  • Turns quickly and rides effortlessly.
  • Maintains speed when doing jumps.
  • Has a soft, buttery and intuitive feel.
  • Occasional chatter at high speeds.
  • Requires additional padding inserts.

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ManufacturerBurton Snowboards
Available sizes148 | 151 | 155 | 158
Riding styleFreestyle, Park
Ability levelIntermediate - Advanced
Board shapeAsymmetrical Twin
Board camberFlat to Rocker
Board widthRegular
Board stanceCentered
Board flexSoft
Board weightLight
Mounting systemBurton The Channel
Warranty3 years