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Burton Parkitect 2016

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The Burton Parkitect is an all-mountain freestyle snowboard that’s built for intermediate to expert riders who want a very fun, easy to turn and stable board. The Burton team gave this snowboard a Traditional Full Camber construction that comes with an asymmetric core and edge profiling. This means that the board’s wood is softer and narrower underfoot, which gives you more flex and better board feel. Because the sections of the edge that extend out from the board’s sidecut will help to you to grip on hard-packed snow. It all adds up to a responsive and solid ride. That holds its edge at speed and allows you to have some buttery fun. This board also absorbs bumps nicely and springs really well. Great for your park jumps and mountain ollies. Overall the Burton Parkitect is an energetic and confident snowboard that will push you to the next freestyle level.



  • Great all-mountain freestyle ride.
  • Easy to ride switch and quick turns.
  • It’s a very fun, easy to spring board.
  • The extra edge hold gives confidence.
  • Requires a bit more effort on the rails.
  • No ice specialist but handles hard snow.

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Board weightNormal
Riding styleAll-Mountain Freestyle
Ability levelIntermediate - Expert
Available sizes150 | 154 | 157
Board widthRegular
Board shapeAsymmetrical Twins
Camber profileTraditional Camber
Board stanceCentered
ManufacturerBurton Snowboards