Burton Process Off Axis 2017

Burton Process Off Axis 2017

“Offers a confidence inspiring ride for park snowboarders!”

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When you decide you want to shake things up a bit. That’s when the 2017 Burton Process Off Axis snowboard comes into play. This action-packed snowboard aligns performance with your stance, for the ultimate park-tuned geometry. Its design features a True Twin shape with a Traditional Camber profile, which offers the best combination for you to climb the ranks of terrain park royalty. The camber zone runs from insert to insert and outside the feet are subtle flat zones that lead into an early-rise rocker. This setup gives the board a smooth, less-catchy feel. The board’s flex is softer than the Burton Custom Twin, making it a more playful and adventurous ride.

One of the key design elements of this board is the Burton Off-Axis construction. This means it has an asymmetrical sidecut that’s deeper on the heel side. This adjustment makes your heel side carves feel as confident and powerful as your toe side turns. The design team at Burton then took it one step further by fitting an asymmetric flex, that allows the board to feel as natural and instinctive as possible. On snow, this board doesn’t feel to catchy and aggressive. It picks up speed quickly while gliding stable.

On powder, it misses some of the float the older versions had. But the larger nose does help it to stay above deep powder. Turning is not super fast but it will give you a more than decent performance on the mountain. When it comes to carving the Burton Flight Attendant we tested earlier put up a better show. With this board, it seemed the transition of flat to rocker after binding intervened with the carve. Although the edge hold is good, on icy surfaces this board does tend to slide. Overall the 2017 Burton Process Off Axis snowboard offers a confident and controllable ride. That will appeal to the experienced park riders.



  • Offers a natural and instinctive ride.
  • Playful and adventurous snowboard.
  • Cambered profile for a forgiving feel.
  • Luckily not too catchy & aggressive.
  • Not the fastest turner but decent.
  • Needs its larger nose on powder.

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ManufacturerBurton Snowboards
Available sizes152 | 155 | 157 | 159 | 162
Riding stylePark
Ability levelIntermediate - Expert
Board shapeTrue Twin
Board camberMostly Camber
Board widthRegular
Board stanceCentered
Board flexMedium
Board weightNormal
Mounting systemBurton The Channel
Warranty3 years