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Burton Social 2016

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With the Burton Social snowboard, the party never stops. This all-mountain freestyle board is both fun and forgiving. Burton gave this board a true-twin shape that will progress your riding on the mountain and in the park. Its flat top rocker gives it a loose and catch-free feel. For improved balance and stability Burton placed a flat spot between the bindings. During our test, we also tried a couple of jumps and we were surprised how poppy it is. However, its slow speed has some effect on how to approach a jump. This is definitely a board for slow cruising instead of hard charging. Overall the Burton Social is an easy board to ride that will appeal to a variety of riders at different levels. It’s a good snowboard for exploring the mountains and the park.



  • Offers fun, poppy and forgiving ride.
  • Provides stability and better balance.
  • The board’s edge hold isn’t that good.
  • Pretty chattery and misses high speed.

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Riding styleJib - Street
Ability levelBeginner - Expert
Available sizes138 | 142 | 147 | 151
Board widthWomen's
Board shapeTrue Twin
Camber profileContinuous Rocker
Board stanceCentered
ManufacturerBurton Snowboards

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