CAPiTA Horrorscope 2017

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As the company’s most popular product, the 2017 CAPiTA Horrorscope snowboard is well-known for offering a high-end freestyle experience at an accessible price. Last season this board received numerous awards and we expect it to top the charts this winter to. Being an out-and-out freestyle snowboard, the team at CAPiTA fitted a press-friendly design. Combining a mellow flex with a prominent Flat to Rocker profile.

The board’s blunt shaped tip and tail allow for lots of maneuverability and provide enough edge hold for when you are turning. The wide width gives you more control and stable floatation on powder. The shorter tip and tail will enable you to easily move around the park. On snow, this board offers a firm and forgiving feel. The flat zones between the feet provide stability, while the subtle rocker gives it a loose, catch-free feel. When turning, this board goes quickly from edge-to-edge. However, it does feel a bit slower considering the board’s size. Carving is not it’s favorite and on soft snow, you will need to be careful when you lay out a mellow carve. Furthermore, it’s not the fastest board but it provides a substantial amount for freestyling in the park.

Because it’s a light a poppy board it misses dampening needed on uneven terrain. Its edge hold is ok but not confidence inspiring on hard early morning snow. Where this board excels is jibbing and it can do it all day long. Overall, the 2017 CAPiTA Horrorscope snowboard does a good job. It will be liked by riders who want a board that offers all-mountain fun, but also allows them to go around in the park. However, this is not the one when you are looking for a one-board-quiver.



  • Offers a stable, easy to move, fun ride.
  • Lightweight, strong sustainable core.
  • Press-friendly, with a mellow flex.
  • Excels when you take it to the jib park.
  • Misses dampening on rough terrain.
  • Edge hold isn't confidence inspiring.

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ManufacturerCAPiTA Super Corporation
Available sizes141 | 143 | 145 | 147 | 149 | 151 | 151W | 153 | 153W | 155 | 155W | 157
Riding styleFreestyle
Ability levelIntermediate - Advanced
Board shapeTrue Twin
Board camberFlat to Rocker
Board widthRegular, Wide
Board stanceCentered
Board flexSoft
Board weightNormal
Mounting system2 x 4 Insert Pattern
Warranty2 years