CAPiTA Ultrafear 2017

CAPiTA Ultrafear 2017

“Once a limited edition series that’s now available for everyone!”

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The 2017 CAPiTA Ultrafear snowboard was once released as a special edition series. But soon after it started wining multiple snowboard awards, it became available for everyone. No wonder this CAPiTA board belongs to one of the company’s favorites. Designed to take your freestyle riding to new heights, as this board won’t shy away from all-mountain or backcountry adventures.

Its design features a True Twin shape with a Flat to Rocker profile. The flat zones provide a stable feel, while the rocker at the tip add catch-free forgiveness. Its smooth, medium flex allows you to press easily while offering enough response to rip outside the park. Apart from minor tweaks, not much has changed compared this year. However, it’s now also available in wider sizes. On snow, this deck offers lot’s of stability between the feet and it has an easy and playful feel to it. The edge hold is good but you need to be on your game when hitting hard snow. Because of the longer flat zones, this board holds well when you’re carving. However, it can feel a bit lifeless, as it misses a springy feel in and out of the turn. Shorter turns are more fun as it goes quickly from edge to edge.

Although it offers decent shock absorption on bumpy snow, at high speed this board bounced and chattered a lot. Which made the ride adventures but also less comfortable. On powder, it has no trouble staying afloat. Larger sizing would make it even better. Jibbing and jumping are where this board comes alive. It’s lively and forgiving and lets you try out new things with confidence. Overall, the 2017 CAPiTA Ultrafear snowboard now belongs to one of our favorites for this winter. Although it’s a jib-focussed board we had fun cruising on the mountain and hitting the park.



  • Rides easy and feels playful and soft.
  • Super board for buttering and jibbing.
  • Good for resort or backcountry rides.
  • Must have for your snowboard quiver.
  • Not really a board for jumping.
  • Misses a poppy turning feel.

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ManufacturerCAPiTA Super Corporation
Available sizes147 | 149 | 151 | 153 | 153W | 155 | 155W | 157
Riding styleFreestyle
Ability levelIntermediate - Advanced
Board shapeTrue Twin
Board camberFlat to Rocker
Board widthRegular, Wide
Board stanceCentered
Board flexMedium
Board weightNormal
Mounting system2 x 4 Insert Pattern
Warranty2 years