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DC Mega 2016

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The DC Mega is an all-mountain freestyle snowboard that’s built for intermediate riders who want a board that combines style with proper technique. This DC snowboard is fitted with a Traditional Camber set-up and a FreshDeck top sheet, which allows the board to manoeuvre easily and gives that crispy snap and pop for riding in the park. This board rides sturdy and well balanced, while its durable base lets you ride down the mountain fast and smoothly. Although it’s really not a dedicated carving board its edge hold is pretty good and the board has enough stiffness to turn at high speed. Overall the DC Mega is a nice snowboard for those of us who like to take on all-mountain terrain and enjoy the park.



  • This board has a loose and playful feel.
  • Offers the right kind of snap and finesse.
  • It rides well paced from edge to edge.
  • Becomes unstable in chopped conditions.
  • Really transfers vibrations to your feet.

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Board weightNormal
Riding styleAll-Mountain, Freestyle
Ability levelIntermediate
Available sizes150 | 153 | 156 | 159
Board widthRegular
Board shapeTrue Twin
Camber profileTraditional Camber
Board stanceCentered
ManufacturerDC Shoes Co.