DC PBJ 2016

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Keeping you fresh and feeling alive, the DC PBJ is an all-mountain freestyle snowboard built for beginning riders who prefer a board that can support them in their first mountain endeavours. The team at DC fitted this board with Traditional Camber and a medium flex. This set-up provides a light-weight feel that reponses quickly and puts energy into every run. This board offers a decent amount off pop for your first jumps and park tricks. Its extruded base is not only tough and durable but will also give this board a stable and smooth ride. The DC PBJ will power across the mountain, while at the same time lock on to rails and boxes.


  • Lightweight, responsive and quick feel.
  • Rides predictable, controllable & versatile
  • Capable of locking on to boxes and rails.
  • Rides best on softer groomed conditions.
  • Bumpy terrain will be felt in your knees.
  • Tail washes out when you carve hard.

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Board weightNormal
Riding styleAll-Mountain, Freestyle
Ability levelBeginner - Intermediate
Available sizes144 | 149 | 153 | 155W | 157 | 159W
Board widthRegular
Board shapeTrue Twin
Camber profileTraditional Camber
Board stanceCentered
ManufacturerDC Shoes Co.